Services: Surveys and Valuation

What condition is the aircraft in and what is its value?

These are key questions whether you are a financial institution (bank or leasing company), the current owner or looking to acquire or sell a particular aircraft. You need to know the general condition and value prior or during financing, selling, purchasing or even placing an offer on an aircraft.

As with all Mercury Aero's services we are able to scale our survey and valuation services from a simple desktop valuation to a full on-site physical survey of the aircraft and records and provide a detailed valuation of the asset.

Some of the tasks which Mercury Aero undertakes for clients are as follows:

(please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and for a sample report)

  • Hands-on external physical inspection of airframe, engines and major components to ascertain the general condition of the aircraft
  • In-depth review of aircraft logbooks, maintenance status and tracking, airworthiness directives, service bulletins and other related aircraft documentation
  • Determine if the aircraft equipment meets the general requirements for the current or intended operations
  • Look ahead in the maintenance and component status to determine when the next major inspection / overhaul is due and what the cost implication might be
  • With all the information compiled from the audit, calculate the current value of the aircraft in its current condition
  • Carrying out interim lease, on-site surveys ensuring that the asset is being operated / managed / maintained correctly as well as assessing the aircraft's current market value
  • Leased or mortgaged aircraft portfolio reviews and management