Services: Asset Management and Cost Controls

Mercury Aero manages with precision, the technical, commercial and operational requirements for the smooth, safe and cost effective management of our clients' aviation assets.

As Mercury Aero does not operate or physically maintain aircraft, we remain independent and unbiased. However we act as the client's representative in all matters relating to the asset.

These services range from agreements for continuing asset management to ad-hoc tasks such as assistance with a large maintenance check, an aircraft survey or handling a pre-purchase/pre-sales inspection.

Some examples of the services provided (please contact us for a full list):

  • Co-ordination and planning of pre-purchase / pre-sale inspections (location and facility)
  • Aircraft (new) delivery consulting services. These services can start with assistance in defining the correct aircraft specification at time of order, to on-site surveillance to ensure all requirements are met and the aircraft is delivered on time and on budget
  • Aircraft sale closing / acceptance
  • Single point of contact for technical and operational related issues for the aircraft's operation
  • Liaison with airworthiness authorities, operators and continuing airworthiness management organizations (CAMO) to ensure continuing airworthiness of the aircraft and for re-registration
  • Acting as the client's representative in aviation matters
  • Commercial and technical review of operational and maintenance invoices
  • Cost efficiency reviews for operation and maintenance of the aircraft
  • Management of maintenance events to minimize down time and costs whenever possible and review of invoices to ensure only what has been agreed has been billed
  • On-going technical management of aircraft
  • On-site survey of the aircraft and records to ensure asset value retention
  • Working on behalf of beneficial owners, financial institutions and legal advisers to ensure efficient and cost effective operation or storage of the aircraft
  • Aircraft Hand-Out/Take-Back/ Technical Management. Particularly important when handing out or receiving back an aircraft to or from lease when we can provide verification of the technical compliance to lease covenants including:
  • World Wide Aircraft Repossession Assistance. We can provide assistance and advice in organising the recovery of an aircraft and in assisting with formulating a recovery strategy, carrying out the recovery of the aircraft & records and long term planning and sale of the asset

Following an Aircraft Accident or Incident we can:

  • Provide an on-site review and compilation of a report on the extent of the damage
  • Obtain estimates for costs of repairs
  • Discuss / Negotiate options with insurance companies
  • Provide on-site supervision of repairs with progress reports back to the client
  • Carry out a survey and valuation to ascertain the new current market value after repairs to ascertain value adjustment due to the damage